Hot taps consist of a welded pipe connection onto an existing pipe in a pressurized system, which is under pressure and cannot be shut down or isolated.

Hot taps can be installed on new piping service or take off – i.e.: Chilled or heating cooling loops, condenser water, heating loops, chemical injection lines, temperature or gauge ports or just for system draining or bleeding.

We have successfully installed numerous hot taps all over the Denver metro area and surrounding areas, including several of the largest high rise buildings in the Downtown Denver area and in the DTC – Denver Tech Center area.

Our standard hot taps range from ¼” to 3” – other sizes available upon request

We offer free competitive hot tap quotes and 24 hour service – for when you need something after hours or for an emergency

Combined piping and welding experience is over 45 Years – We are certified and insured – References available on request.


I have enjoyed working w/Steel Works since the beginning and appreciate the creativity, attention to detail , quality of workmanship and overall value.  I have never considered using anyone else.  

Ken Allen
Senior Chief Engineer
Vector Property Services